Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Artist: Carmela Casuccio
Title: Cityscape
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Carmela Casuccio designs cityscapes not from memory or life but of her imagination. She does not draw out the buildings prior to beginning painting because she claims it limits the freedom and creativity of her mind. In order to create these pieces she chooses a few colors and begins layering the background, once this is finished she uses only the colors she has chosen and variations of them to complete the work. Carmela only uses her imagination because while she loves the everyday world she also grew up with ideas or creating science fiction and magic. This is where the cityscape gets its abstract otherworldly feel. This is what drew me to the painting in the first place. Manhattan is one of my favorite places in the world so initially I noticed the painting because of this, but the second I pulled up the painting closer I really fell in love with it. We are surrounded by paintings of manhattan and other cities like it but very rarely does someone take a city and create something no one has ever seen. It is an an imaginary city and it isn't. The colors are warm and inviting though there is chaos. This is another reason I loved it. Lastly (I'll stop saying I don't like abstract pieces...because apparently I do) I like the abstract quality it has to it, while still being solid. 

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