Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Tsunami" by Reuben Valdivia

Reuben Valdivia was born and raised in East Los Angeles. Attended East L.A. College for figure drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. In 1983, moved to northern California. Attended College of the Redwoods for oil painting.Reuben combines his zest for the outdoors, as an expert snowboarder, with his art. January 2000, New York City; Reuben holds his first one-man show. At the same time, he is included in the group show:Artists of the New Millenium, in NYC.I picked this painting because it looks like a wave and I love the beach. Also the colors of this painting is very interesting. In this picture you find all the items that would be in a tsunami. Its all different things that you would find in the streets.

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