Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Chinese Qingbian Mountain

This painting was conducted by Dong Qichang.  It was painted during the Ming Dynasty. The medium utilized was Hanging scroll with ink on paper. It resides in the Cleveland Museum of Art starting in 2003. Dong Qichang was born in 1555-1636. He was a Chinese painter, scholar,calligrapher and art theorist of the later period of the Ming Dynasty.  He took elements from earlier Yuan masters and placed it into his work. His artistic view played an importance in later works of individualist painters.  I picked this painting because I like the way how he created the different depths you have a view close to you and far away from you. I also like plants and trees and I love the way the bonsai tree looks in this picture. I like that it's the first tree in the front.

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