Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Drawing Hands" by MC Escher

Artist: Maurits Cornelis Escher
Name: "Drawing Hands"
Date: 1948
Medium: Lithograph

M. C. Escher is one of the world's most famous graphic artists. He is most famous for his "impossible structures", such as "Ascending and Descending" and "Relativity", and his Transformation Prints. I chose this drawing because I thought it was really cool how he was able to turn one aspect of the drawing in 3D and then translate that aspect of the drawing into a 2D portion. Not only was he able to do this in general, however he was able to use the medium of lithography which is even more difficult! And what is also very cool about this piece of art, is that when he goes from the 3D portion of the hand to the 2D portion, the wrist does not have a sharp edge and automatically turn flat. It has a nice, seamless, transition from the 3D-->2D and vice versa. 

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