Thursday, November 29, 2012

Op Art

This abstract piece was created by Victor Vasarely. This type of art is referred to as Op art, or optical art. Using simple geometric shapes, like squares and trapezoids, Vasarely is able to create a 2 dimensional design that appears 3 dimensional. In this piece, the square in the middle appears to be jumping off the page. The middle square is the subject of the piece, the part that draws your attention, while the smaller background squares help the piece to appear 3 dimensional. I like how Vasarely uses simple geometric shapes, but combines them in a way that they make a complex and beautiful design. I also like how Vasarely uses simple colors, with each square being outlined and filled in with a different color. For the colors, each one is associated with only one other. The most prominent examples of this are yellow-orange and lite blue-lite green.

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