Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Portrait de Pierre Loeb

This work was illustrated by Alberto Giacometti. The medium utilized was graphite on paper. This drawing was illustrated in 1950. It is currently in a private collection. I like this painting because of its depth perception. You can see a person behind furniture in the room as well as art on the walls. This drawing is something similar to that in which we are doing in class right now. Alberto was a sculptor, painter and draughtsman at the school of Paris. He is the son of post- impressionist painter Giovanni Giacometti. At an early age Giacometti illustrated painting, sculptors and drawings. He studied at various art schools. He went through a restless period in which he experimented with polychrome sculpture, cages, erotic kinetic objects, near-abstraction and other styles. He obtained awards for his works;  First Prize for a Sculpture at the Pittsburgh International in 1961,  main prize for a sculpture at the Venice Biennale in 1962, and the Guggenheim International Award for a Painting in1964.

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