Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arshile Gorky's "Untitled (1944)"-- Use of shape

This painting is Arshile Gorky's "Untitled (1944)." The medium used for this painting is oil and pencil on canvas. The pre-drawing of this painting is pictured in our text in Figure 7.17. This painting is a good example of using abstract shape in order to convey a theme. This painting is inspired by Gorky's father's garden in Armenia. Gorky was said to have used shapes to convey from memory the essence of his memory of the garden. This painting contains a balance and rhythm that is composed and convey by overlapping shapes.

I chose this painting because I thought it was relevant to the discussion we are having in class about shape and the use of a pre-drawing to create a finished painting. In comparing Figure 7.17 to the finished painting of "Untitled (1944)," it is interesting to see the edits that Gorky made from his original sketch. Adding and subtracting things and adding color made this garden come to life from random shapes put together.

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