Sunday, September 9, 2012

DaVinci, pioneer in human anatomy...who knew?!

Artist: Leonardo DaVinci
Drawing: human fetus in utero found in Leonardo DaVinci's anatomy notebooks

One of the first to give visual demonstration of the human body, and who knew it would be by an artist like Leonardo DaVinci. In his day, the womb was believed to have 7 chambers. Thus with this fact, this drawing is even more impressive because with DaVinci was an "unlettered layman" and still drew it with the one chamber we know it has today. Yes he dissected numerous amounts of human cadavers, however the knowledge of anatomy of that time period was divine dogma to 16th century healers. So not only was this drawing exceptionally detailed and informative, the act of drawing it in and of itself was an act for pure education and curiosity. It went against the dogma of the time, but was done for the purity of truth. 

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